Link Building – Increase quality back links & traffic to your website

SEO is the best source to build traffic to your website and Link Building is an inseparable part of SEO. It is important to continuously get links to your website from various sources. However, it is also important to maintain the balance with industry standards. If your industry has an average of 40% brand links, 20% no-follow links and 40% directory links it is essential that you do not significantly deviate from your industry standards.

Link Building is different for different industries and hence the link building approach your friend Joe has been using with his website cannot be exactly copied for your business. It is important to understand the distinction between various industries and to do the research on existing Link stats before you start Link Building as a part of Search Engine Optimization.

Why get links when you have a great website?

Often time’s people think that having a well optimized website can do the trick. Not completely wrong but you can be missing the cherry on top of the cake. Link building is a way for others to find your website / business. You can even get potential leads from links. With increasing links, search engines will consider your website to be authoritative.

Link Building after Penguin update

In April, 2012 Google rolled out Penguin update that adjusted the ranking factor of websites that had unnatural link graph. Many businesses saw drop in traffic after the Penguin Update and were forced to clean their link profile. At some point in time, you might have worked with a company that increased the links to your website by buying links or the directory that was trusted in past is now in Google’s black-list. There could be many reasons your website was hit by Penguin and so was your Online Presence and Online Traffic.

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At Training For Success, our Link Building Team researches the industry you belong to, pulls the existing Link profile you have and then works based on that report to get you links that will help you rank better.